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 Contact your local DEFRA department and register as a smallholding. (There are rules as to what constitutes a smallholding). You will be given a smallholding number and a Herd number. Request information packs related to animals you wish to keep on your land.

If you would like to see what’s involved in providing for your animals and the required housing needed, you are very welcome to arrange a visit to our smallholding. It can be quite a daunting task to start caring for and breeding animals or poultry for the first time so Alan and I feel it’s very important to keep in contact with the people we have sold our animals to, as we believe in sharing information and providing guidance when there are worries about anything from shearing or signs of illness and administering medication.
  • General Licence for the movement of animals (AML Form) - there are different forms depending on whether its pigs/sheep etc.
  • Obtain Holding Number - to register your address as a holding for livestock, including goats, telephone Rural Payments Agency 0845 6037777 and Press 1 (documents request line). Ask for application to register a property as an agricultural holding. You can look under but it does not allow access to application forms.
  • Animal Transporters Authorisation - allows you to transport all species over 65km distance travelling up to and including 8 hours. This licence is not required if you are only buying them as pets.
  • Competence Test - from January 2008 this authorisation will only be valid for the transport of farm animals, poultry and horses if the drivers and attendants accompanying are in possession of a valid Competence Certificate from an independently approved body. For more information please contact 020 7904 6576 or
  • Contact the environmental agency regarding the disposal of any waste on your smallholding as there are regulations to adhere to. or 0845 603 3113
  • Record keeping booklet - supplied by DEFRA - this is a booklet allowing the breeder to record all stock including movement/fallen stock/ births and has a section to record any medication administered to your animals.
  • Choose a good veterinary clinic that has experience of dealing with the type of animals you are keeping and/or breeding. Keep all medicines in a lockable cupboard.
  • Ear tag all kids born on your holding EITHER before they leave the holding OR within the first 6 months of birth.
  • Strong farm quality hosepipe which doesn't bend or kink. We find that Gardena have high quality hosepipe or farm suppliers will advise you.
  • Heat lamps - Infra red and ceramic depending on what your needs are. Some animals do not need the light and therefore the ceramic provide heat only. Heat lamps are a must for poorly animals or prematurely born. Also the old jumper with the sleeves cut out will help to keep their body temperature.
  • The premature or poorly animals end up coming into the house and we have found that small animal cages used for pet gerbils/rabbits etc have been invaluable in keeping them safe and warm whilst administering medicines and feed. If your hand rearing animals a milk replacement feed will often be needed.
  • Self-filling water butts, you can buy wall mounted water butts which are very useful as in the case of pigs, they are forever upending the ones on the floor and therefore waste a lot of water.
  • Suitable housing is also necessary, we have mobile field shelters and pig arks and poultry housing. Plus the odd makeshift houses.
  • With wild life always helping them-selves to our store of animal food, we therefore put most of ours into metal bins as squirrels eat into the plastic ones and badgers can tip them over.
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